What Will 2017 Be Like in Mobile Marketing?


What will the mobile advertising world be like in 2017? Although nobody knows for sure, experts like Jeff Kamikow can all agree that mobile advertising and mobile marketing will continue to grow in 2017. Impact Branding and Design provided the following statistics to show just how popular smartphones and tablets have become and where user behavior is going:

80% of Internet Users Own a Smartphone: This is due in part to how cheap smartphones are now. You can easily get a smartphone for free if you sign up for a plan.

33% of Users Begin Their Mobile Research with a Website; Another 26% of Users Begin Their Mobile Research with a Mobile App: This might be surprising considering that apps account for nearly ninety percent of mobile media use, but many users still prefer to do research using a social engine.

More than 50% of People Access Their Smartphone as Soon as They Get Up: They are checking their email, social media pages, and current events. This represents a good opportunity for mobile marketers to reach their audience as soon as they wake up.

These and other statistics indicate things that Jeff Kamikow and other mobile marketers have known for some time. More internet users are accessing the internet through smartphones and tablets, and they are doing so throughout the day.

This creates many great mobile advertising and marketing opportunities through video ads, email marketing, and more. However, at the same time, content and app/website performance are still crucially important. A user is just as quickly likely to leave a site or app for good if he or she finds the overall experience poor.