About Jeff Kamikow

Jeff Kamikow is a digital marketing and revenue generation executive who has worked in the advertising space since before the days of Google.

Through his career, he has held a wide range of media industry roles in print, early digital, mixed media and mobile.

“I haven’t exactly done the same thing my entire career,” he says, “but I’ve certainly followed the advertising industry through some pretty seismic changes.”

After graduating from Southern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree, Kamikow took a job as an account executive with PC World, then the gold standard for personal computing magazines. In 1995, he moved to Ziff Davis Media, a diversified publishing firm that counted PCMag and other storied print publications among its many properties. Throughout the remainder of the 90s and early 2000s, Jeff Kamikow amassed increasing responsibility at PCMag, working first in its Los Angeles office and later as corporate sales director for the entire East Coast market; his territory included a substantial slice of the Midwest as well.

Jeffrey Kamikow left PCMag in 2002 to serve as publisher for a national trade magazine focusing on technology trends. Although the work was fulfilling, he felt the pull of the then-nascent digital marketing space. Resolving to be one of the first media professionals to solve the seemingly intractable riddle of online ad monetization, Kamikow took on the role of National Advertising Director for Time Inc’s Field & Stream and Outdoor Life magazine properties. While at Time, Kamikow put together a cohesive, sustainable digital marketing strategy that generated some $5 million in revenues within 18 months and provided Time with a lasting blueprint for future digital success.

In 2006, Jeff Kamikow moved away from publishing and settled into the vice president of sales role at Pulse 360, an ambitious but cash-poor digital marketing firm. After executing a stunningly effective brand turnaround and stabilizing the firm’s revenues, he was promoted to the role of president of sales and operations. By the time he left Pulse 360, he had achieved annual revenues of more than $55 million per year and presided over a dramatic expansion in the firm’s headcount and client base.

In 2011, Kamikow moved into the exciting mobile marketing space with Verve Mobile, an emerging mobile marketing and ad network firm. He later accepted a coveted chief revenue officer gig with Lyfe Mobile, for which he spearheaded a complex but ultimately successful acquisition by a European firm called BlinkX.

Jeff Kamikow’s current role, which he has held since early 2014, finds him overseeing revenue and brand strategy for Go2mobi, a Canadian firm that provides a host of cutting-edge mobile advertising and lead-building solutions for a who’s-who of blue chip and emerging clients across three continents. Kamikow is responsible for growing Go2mobi’s highly diverse revenue stream and ensuring that the company’s enviable business moat remains well-defined and well-guarded.

When he’s not working with Go2mobi’s clients, Kamikow oversees the operations of Kamikow Media Group, a diversified consulting firm that provides cutting-edge ad targeting services for clients in North America, Europe and Asia.

Jeffrey Kamikow, a Chicago native, now lives in northern new Jersey with his family. When he’s not dreaming up new mobile marketing and brand positioning strategies, he can be found practicing his golf swing at one of the many courses in his area or playing tennis with business associates. Kamikow’s other extracurricular activities include baseball coaching; he and a fellow dad successfully coached their sons’ club baseball team to a local championship.

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